Right away, anyone can say that planning a birthday party is not so much of a daunting task
as planning a wedding, but if not planned correctly and if every little detail is not thought
over, even a small birthday party can be disastrous. Planning your own birthday party or
planning for your friend or even planning your child’s birthday party can be pretty exciting
and fun because it is not-so-worrisome as planning a big wedding. No matter how fun and
exciting this is, there are still a lot of areas that will demand your focus no matter it is your
own party, your friend’s party or your kid’s party. When you are the planner, you will be in
charge of finding the perfect venue, the guest list and the invitations, not to mention the
birthday cake and the food as well as decorations and party favours. You will be the one
managing the entire budget; hence planning is easier said than done. Here, we have put
together some steps and tips you will need to know when you are planning a birthday party.
Whether it is your own, your friend’s or your kids, these steps will keep you on track and
focused throughout the entire planning process up to the day of the party.
Start planning the birthday party by setting up a budget because it will be the key that take
care of every little detail of the party. If you are planning your own party or your child’s
party, decide with your family on how much you can afford to spend and line out the budget.
However, if you are planning a friend’s party with the support of your other friends, decide
on the budget together and determine how much each of your friends are willing to
contribute. Your birthday party budget doesn’t have to be a big one since lots of party
decorations are DIY and you can do some yourself.

If you are planning your own birthday party, well, you can choose whatever theme and colour
you want. But if you are planning for your friend and it is not a surprise party, you should ask
them what their preference is. And if you are working on your kid’s birthday party, you know
what your child likes! If your child is old enough to choose for their own, always ask them
what they want. There are so many party themes nowadays, but no matter what you choose,
try to incorporate the theme into the food, decorations, venue, etc.

Picking out a date of any function is tricky, so it is better to start planning way ahead. For a
birthday party, a weekend will be a good idea since many people are free from work plans
and other commitments. Even though you are planning a kid’s birthday party, the parents will

most likely accompany the guest kids, hence a weekend is always a good idea. Just inform
the guests a little earlier so that they can reserve a spot in their calendars.

Since birthday parties are getting more and more extravagant day by day, having birthday
parties at your own home rarely happens. So, if you are planning a big birthday party and if it
is within your budget, you should always consider holding it in a separate venue like a
reception hall, a hotel or a restaurant.

Guest List
Plan the guest list carefully. Always cross check the number of guests list your budget when
preparing the guest list. If you are planning your own party, then you have no problem
deciding whom you want to be there. But if it is for someone else and if it is not a surprise
party, always consult with them about the guests. If you are planning the party on behalf of
your kid, always ask them whom they want as guests and make sure to keep in mind that at
least one of their parents will also accompany them. You might want to keep that in mind
when you are preparing the guest list for a kid’s party.

If you have a theme for the party and if it is already finalized, consider making invitations
that goes with the theme. Try to include all the necessary details on the invitation and make
sure that you send the invitations at least a month before the date of the party. It may seem
like a long time when considering that you are planning a birthday party, but everybody has
their own schedules and it is important that you give them enough time to RSVP as well. If
you are planning your kid’s birthday party, be creative and make DIY invitations with your

The single most important factor in a birthday party is the food, not to mention the birthday
cake, which is the epitome of any birthday, whether it is an adult’s or a child’s. If you are
having a large birthday party in a restaurant or a reception hall, try going for a buffet so that
people can help themselves in to what they want. Birthday cake is always the centerpiece of
any birthday, so make sure you order it at least one week prior to the party date. If you are
planning the party for someone else other than yourself, make sure to find out what they like
and what they want, whether it is your friend, family member or child.

Party Favours
It is nice to hand out some party favours to your guests when they are leaving. For a kids’
party, bags of candy suit nicely and for an adult party, maybe mini bottles of beer or cookies.

How Long Should The Party Last?
Usually, adult birthday parties tend to run longer since they are likely to mingle with others
and dance into the night enjoying the atmosphere. For a children’s party, usually 2 – 3 hours
may be suitable with enough time for games, activities and fun.